About Us

About Us

Looking for employment can be a daunting task. It is hectic, time consuming and sometimes frustrating, especially when nothing good comes out of it. It helps to know where to direct your job search in order to get fruitful results. On the same breath, this is the 21st century and not everyone is interested in white collar job. People are focused on having a career that will be meaningful hence the increasing interest in the arts. For those who are looking for gigs such as casting calls and auditions, this is the ideal platform to get leads on who is looking for talent. Jobs and gigs makes your search for the perfect job or gig easier by giving you a vast list of openings.

How It Works

Getting started is pretty simple and you only need to create a great profile. Your profile gives you a chance to stand out and get noticed by recruiters who will also be using this site to find talent in their respective industries. The profile content is non-invasive and will only require information that is relevant to your job search. This is information that will be viewed by recruiters so you will need to make it detailed and informative for them. Some of the things you will need to display is information such as: your qualifications or majors, the kind of jobs and gigs you are looking for, your age, sex, employment locations of interest and goals just to mention a few. Basically, this is information that will tell exactly what you are interested in. When creating your profile, be sure to make it creative as this helps the person who is reading get a clear picture of your personality. You can manage your profile and upgrade it as you wish as this will work in the same way your resume works. Remember that this is the first impression people will get of you so you will need to keep it according to the standards of the profession you are looking for.

Having created the ideal profile, you can share it with others. Anyone who is interested in your profile can click on it and even send a personal message.

Why Jobs and Gigs

Large database of potential employers

Easier access to openings

Easier access for potential employers to find you

Organized job search

Updated information

There are many reasons why this site will be useful to your job search. For starters, you get a large database of potential employers. Whenever these top employers have openings, you are the first to know and can diligently prepare your application hence get a chance to be part of their team. There is also easier access to job openings as these are all listed on the site. You will get recommendations according to your profile and this helps you narrow down your search to the specific industry you interested in. Your job search is organized according to niche industries meaning you do not have to go through all listings before you can find an opening to apply for. The information on the website is always current and updated so you can be sure that these are not openings that have already been filled. Finally, this is not only an opportunity for you to find potential employers but is also a great platform for employers to find you.
Jobs and gigs is an easy and straightforward way to find leads on current openings. The site is easy to use and gives you the ability to share this information with friends and family. Create your profile with us to jump start your career.