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Sep 03

Jobs and Gigs Career Advice

Jobs and gigs is your ultimate platform to getting listings on available opportunities for job seekers. The site has a wide list of opportunities in sectors such as Aviation, Media and Communications, Marketing, IT just to mention a few. When it comes to gigs, you can rest assured that no audition or talent search will go unpublished on this site. The site provides its users with up to date information on upcoming gigs giving you an opportunity to get into your desired career.
This site believes in walking the whole nine yards and this is why simply generating information on jobs and gigs you can apply for is not enough. The site is quite thorough and believes in churning out suitable candidates for the job. This is why you will find that we give advice
and information that is current on the best employment careers and other factors that will help you nab a good paying job.

Some of the advice you will get in the web pages includes:

Career advice

Networking advice

Interview preparation

Resume creation and application

Interview presentation

Getting career advice is very important. It helps the job seeker get a clear picture on what the marketable careers of the moment are. This directs those who have just finished high school on career paths that will not give them a difficult time when searching for jobs. On career advice you also get tips on how to carry yourself in the workplace and how to relate with your colleagues and employers. Proper code of conduct is important. The site believes in networking and this is why it gives you the ability to share information with your friends and family. It therefore goes without saying that the site also has useful tips how to network your way to employment. Some of the tips you will learn are how to approach a stranger and strike up a conversation that will create a rapport or even how to dress for an industry event. For those who are preparing for an interview or planning to send out their resume to potential employers, there is plenty of advice and information on how to prepare for the interview. The reason why this site has information on preparation is because how you present yourself can determine whether or not you get the job. Because the site is committed to ensuring that its users have a level playing field in employment, it gives them information that will help them make their interview an enjoyable experience for the employer and interviewee. In order to get a call for an interview, you first need to have a resume and application that will catch the eye of the recruiter. The site therefore makes sure that your resume is professional by giving you tips on how to format it and how to present your information. In a nut shell, the site thoroughly prepares you for the prospects of employment.

Importance of Career Advice

A lot of people, especially those already in the job market may fail to realize the importance of career advice. This is because they assume that they already have the experience and qualifications and are therefore well informed. Everyone could benefit from career advice and the following are some of the reasons why?

You get information on current recruitment trends in the industry

Information on how to plan your career growth

Advice on how to choose a suitable career

Tips on how to change jobs

Tips on how to ace your interview

Career advice is important regardless of where you are in your career.

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Promote Your Job Listings By Using RSS Feeds

Aug 21

Convenient Job Leads with RSS Feeds

Jobs and gigs is a site that was developed to make job searching a less stressing experience. The site lists job openings and gigs that you might be interested in and makes it possible for you share these leads with your friends and family. This is not a job agency but simply a platform that gives you better access to apply for opportunities currently available in the market. The site is convenient and is filled with information that is useful to the job seeker and employer as well.
Being a digital age, we understand that information should also have a way of finding you. This is the reason why jobs and gigs have set out to incorporate a feature which makes you get the latest openings via RSS feeds. The website will send out an RSS feed to all its subscribers with listings of fresh job vacancies and gigs as soon as they become available.

RSS are initials that stand for the word Really Simple Syndication. This is a simple and convenient way to keep up with information and is an ideal way to avoid constantly having to access the website to look for employment applications in your industry. The search for jobs and gigs is now less tasking as up to date information on listings is delivered directly to convenient mediums such as your mobile phone.

Who Can Benefit from RSS Feeds

Any job seeker can benefit from RSS feeds. This could be a person who is already employed and is perhaps looking to switch careers or just interested in finding a better paying employer. The RSS feeds help this job seeker keep an eye out on new developments in the job market. This is also a useful tool for those who are not in any form of employment. The feeds come in handy to give you information that you can act on quickly especially if there is an opening or call to audition that is looking fill a position quickly. Anyone with a profile on the site can monitor new positions by subscribing to RSS feeds and get information on specific job openings, opportunities available in certain locations or states by using zip codes or even find jobs that fall within a specified income bracket.

Why are RSS Feeds Important?

They are many reasons why RSS feeds are a useful addition to your job search and these are:

Quick access to openings

Easy monitoring of new developments

Timely applications

Up to date information

Easier management of time

With RSS feeds, the jobs and gigs user is able to access information on opportunities available as soon as they are updated on the site. This means that you do not have to take it upon yourself to find out the latest openings. If Walmart has a listing for Walmart careers you know immediately. A new Target application? You RSS feed gets that out to your readers today. You will also be able to monitor if the company you are interested in working for or others in that industry have any new developments. This is a great way to stay ahead of the pack and be the first to apply. You will have enough time to prepare your resume and send in your application before deadline. Those who like to send in applications fast are at advantage with RSS feeds because companies sometimes get overwhelmed with the amount of applications they get and cannot go through all of them. Sending your application amongst the first ones is always a good idea and gives you a higher chance of getting a favorable response. RSS feeds are timely and current. They also help you manage your time better since information gets to you quick. This means that you can now focus on other important tasks and not have to spend most of your time online.

RSS feeds are without a doubt the most convenient way to get listings on jobs and gigs.

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